In the case of the egg cells

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replica bags by joy Both egg cells and sperm cells are generated by a process of celldivision called meiosis. In the case of the egg cells, the 46maternal chromosomes will be teased apart to generate two cells cheap replica handbags inwhich there are Designer Fake Bags only 23 chromosomes, while the same process happensto produce sperm cells: 46 paternal chromosomes are divided to givesperm cells with just a single copy of each of the 23. ‘Normal’cell division is called mitosis, and this sees the 46 chromosomes,unaltered by the ‘muddling up’ of meiosis, duplicated in theirentirety, such that just before mitosis, the undivided cell has 92chromosomes! This cell is then split such that two new cells aregenerated, with (very neatly) 2×23 chromosomes being delivered toeach of the ‘daughter cells’. replica bags by joy

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